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How many times have you heard that All businesses have to have strong, targeted visual content online to be competitive? Well, we’re here to bust this competition myth and get you thinking about content in a whole new way. The truth is that there is so much content out there that consumers have become totally overwhelmed and we’ve ended up with audiences who have a high sense of distrust and unease, especially when they encounter content from sellers online.  


This is why, more than ever before, we’re seeing consumers researching the origins of products and backstories of service providers before they commit to spending their money or starting a business relationship. People are hungry for genuine connection, not just good-looking content. 


Elafos Productions is led by award-winning female filmmakers who have spent the last decade immersed in documentary filmmaking and visual storytelling. In short, we’re story-experts. We believe that in a world where everything has been done before, your business’s unique story is your strongest asset. Your ‘why, who, where and how’ is what sets you apart and when you share your authentic passion with your audience, it inspires action and opens the doors for connection.


With this approach in mind, Elafos offers content creation that goes beyond gimmicky sales videos that are guaranteed to isolate your audience. We take time to learn about you and what drives your business towards success and then we make sure that every piece of content that goes out is a visual expression of your business’s core values. With some of the very best crew in the industry, Elafos creates content with a message, that cultivates trust and engages your audience by promising them that there are real people on the other end of the screen.

Aliki Saragas-Georgiou


Jacqui-Lee Katz


"In the end,

we'll all become stories"

Margaret Atwood

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