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Why choose us

Elafos Documentaries have received critical acclaim around the world. Our first feature length film, Strike a Rock (2017) won over twelve international awards and had a highly successful impact campaign.


Using our expertise in the documentary filmmaking field, Elafos works with companies, CSI and NGOs to produce long and short form documentaries and impact campaigns to tell the real stories of good work aiming to make a change in society.


More than ever before, we’re seeing audiences and donors researching the activity, origins and backstories of organisations before they commit to supporting or starting a business relationship. People are hungry for genuine connection and consistent content. It is simple, without archiving the work that you do visually, it is very hard to stay relevant and active in the minds of donors, supporters and companies at large.


Elafos Productions is led by an award-winning female filmmaker who has spent the last decade immersed in documentary filmmaking and visual storytelling. In short, we’re story-experts. We believe that in a world with a lot of competition for scarce resources, your organisation's unique story is your strongest asset. Your ‘why, who, where and how’ is what sets you apart and when you share your authentic passion and impact with your audience, it inspires action and opens the doors for connection, and authentic, meaningful impact..


With this approach in mind, Elafos offers authentic documentary content creation. We take time to learn about you and what drives your organisation towards success and then we make sure that every piece of content that goes out is a visual expression of your core values. With some of the very best crew in the industry, Elafos creates content with a message, that cultivates trust and engages your audience by visually packaging all the important work you are already doing.

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Aliki is a South African documentary filmmaker and photographer based in Johannesburg. Aliki's first documentary feature film, Strike a Rock (2017) (IDFA Bertha, NFVF, Bertha Foundation, Women Make Movies supported),  had a very successful local and international festival run including Sheffield Doc/Fest and IDFA and has won multiple awards including the Amnesty International Award for Human Rights (2017), Best Documentary (2017/2018) in multiple juries across the world including DIFF, Encounters, Sole Luna (Italy) Beirut Women’s Festival and more, and was nominated for two SAFTAs. 


Aliki sat on the first board for SWIFT (Sisters Working in Film and Television Organisation) spearheading the first research and interventions in sexual harassment in the Film and Television Industry in South Africa. She was selected as one of the 100 Young Mandelas of the future (2018), participated in Good Pitch (2016), Al Jazeera Pitching Forum (2016), IDFA Academy (2017) and the Durban Berlinale Talents (2018).


Aliki is the owner of Elafos Productions, a company dedicated to cinematic storytelling that focuses on social justice content. Aliki’s latest TV documentary that she directed, Born Survivor, that explores the intersection of GBV and Albinism, was broadcast on CGTN in September 2020. The feature length version, I Mary, is being completed for festival premiere in 2021. She has also recently directed a video series called #LilletsTalkWithDineo for Lil-Lets South Africa.  

Aliki Saragas-Georgiou

Owner/ Director

"In the end,

we'll all become stories"

Margaret Atwood

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